Ideas of things to do this week… 9/22-9/28

– Tuesday at 6pm is Tuesday Tasting ($19) featuring M Bar in the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Boylston St. There will be cocktails such as White Sangria, MO-tality, and Eau de VeeV, which will nicely pair with Steamed Pork Dumplings, Chicken Satay, and Lobster Wontons.

– Wednesday evening imbibe with me when Eastern Standard is a Speakeasy. You need a password to enter; call them to get it. Enjoy free cocktails and appetizers from the roaring twenties at 6:30 followed by discussion about the Prohibition with author Garret Peck (The Prohibition Hangover, 2009).

– Thursday I’m heading to Charlestown for Moroccan tapas at Tangierino. It should have interesting design, cocktails and belly dancing.

– Friday be at the 7th Annual Fall Bash put on by the Boston Young Professionals Assoc. Hang out and expand your circle with 500+ young professionals and grad students with a cool ice breaker. $10 including two drinks.

– Saturday is The Wine Riot! In an expo setting, sample wines, try food pairings, listen to talks, see and be seen. $45.

– Sunday I’ll be checking out the Museum of Fine Arts especially the Vida Y Drama: Modern Mexican Prints exhibit. It should be nice to walk around the emerald necklace and the surrounding hood.

– Monday I’m “breaking the fast” with friends from the Vilna Shul for 70’s style Chinese Food at Shangri-La on Cambridge St in Beacon Hill. I love Chinese food, and there’s nothing better than it after starving.


2 responses to “Ideas of things to do this week… 9/22-9/28

  1. Thursday and Sunday’s itinerary sound great! Friday is a better day for The Wine Riot though : )

  2. Yeah, Friday was definitely the better day for wine riot. I’m glad I decided to go that night! And now I have a great podcast in the works from it.

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