Gennaro’s 5 North Square Review

After learning that my friend wasn’t feeling well enough to go to Radius, I went here Wednesday night with 2 co-workers, one visiting from Texas, because Fiorentina’s didn’t have a table and the hostess recommended it (same ownership, similar food she says). We came in and there was a table for us downstairs, but we wanted to go upstairs, and there was a table there too. So, it seems like a good place if you don’t want to wait, which I don’t! The humus, which our busboy said that he made, was buttery and tasty, going well with the bread slices. Calamari was nicely cooked, with plenty of flavor in itself but with nice sauces (sweet/spicy thai, marinara). My co-worker’s salad was very good. One co-worker had the chicken francese, which he enjoyed thoroughly. I had the ziti and meatballs, which had an interesting sweet and peppery sauce. The meatballs themselves were large and tasty. Quality and quantity. Our waitress Christina was great even though it was her first night. There was something un-cozy about the decor. However the bar downstairs, which could probably hold 10 people at most, will definitely draw me back.


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