I came for the jazz on Tuesday night (part of the Jazz in July series in Downtown Crossing). The jazz band was okay; they were reading music off of music stands; loosen up guys! I met some cool people as I was eating at the bar. They had a tapas menu (called the Naan bar), which is a concept I really like. They have small plates and about 8 different types of naan, from blue cheese to apricot. Usually Indian food is huge portions with rice, but this allows you to sample smaller dishes. The Malabar Pepper Prawns was a well-cooked and interesting dish for $10. There were about 7 large, juicy shrimp in a dark green, vegetable heavy curry sauce. The GIN GIN cocktail was delicious – thanks Fatima! Hendricks gin, muddled cucumber and mint, simple syrup, and sour mix substituted for limoncello. I loved the outside facade (look for the backlit M) and the conversion from a bank to a modern restaurant with a long, marble bar. There weren’t too many people there, but the people there were chill and friendly.


One response to “MANTRA Review

  1. Your GIN GIN sounds a lot like MY newest favouritest drink, Pimm’s Cup (the muddled cucumber nails it.) Can’t wait to get to Boston and imbibe what the city serves up. (And please thank Chris again for showing me the apartment.)

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